GPS Services

GPS – Global Positioning System:

Michael H. Horbal Land Surveyors & Planners uses GPS systems for land survey projects.

We use the latest GPS technology for land survey projects.  The benefits of GPS for your land survey projects are numerous, including:

  • GPS Productivity – GPS land survey technology allows land survey crews to accomplish more in a shorter period of time and smaller land survey crew than in the past.
  • GPS Cost – GPS land survey technology saves you money on your land survey projects.  In the past, establishing horizontal and vertical control for a land survey project might take days to complete.  With our GPS technology, we are now able to establish horizontal and vertical control in less time at a lower cost.
  • GPS Accuracy – Today’s GPS is accurate and reliable.  Gone are the days when we would have to manually check every piece of information generated by GPS.
  • GPS Efficiency – Sometimes there are emergency situations that require a survey team on site within hours.  For example, a company may have one of their fleet vehicles involved in an accident and would like detailed location work performed immediately.  We can help you with these situations.  Another area where GPS works effectively is to provide Aerial Photogrammetry Control for aerial mapping projects.