Aerial Photogrammetric Control Surveys

Aerial Photogrammetric Control Surveys are an integral part of aerial mapping projects. 

Aerial photogrammatic control surveys provide the horizontal and vertical control necessary so that our aerial mapping partners can provide accurate topographical maps to us.

Some examplers of when aerial photogrammetric surveys are needed would be certain survey projects such as:

  • Town wide aerial mapping projects.  Take a look at our Municipal Land Survey Projects for examples.
  • Large Scale Topographic Surveys –  When working on a large site that requires a topography land survey, we will provide our aerial mapping partners with horizontal and vertical control so that they may develop the aerial topographic maps to us.  We then use those maps to help develop land use plans for the survey project.
  • Residential Subdivisions – When working on large residential land survey projects, we will use aerial photogrammetric control surveys and aerial mapping as part of the residential land survey project.