School Projects

At Michael H. Horbal Land Surveyors & Planners we have worked on many school projects throughout Connecticut.  Let us help you with your next school project.

Some of the groups we work with on school building projects:

School Building Committees:

Are you part of your school’s building committee?  If you are considering a new school, school renovations, or school expansion, the initial process may seem daunting.  We can help.  One of the first steps to look at when considering a school project is the land you have to work with.

One of the most critical aspects of any school building project will be the need to have accurate and current topographic surveys and mapping performed.

With our technology and design services, we are able to provide you and other parties to the project such as architects, engineers, and others with accurate topographic land surveys and digital mapping technology that can be easily shared and integrated with all necessary parties.


If you have a school project and are in need of support services, we can help you.  We understand the needs of architects for accurate land survey, mapping services, construction stakeout, and understand the critical deadlines involved in school projects.

We can easily provide you with digital mapping files using the latest ACAD products.  We can easily incorporate any digital design or map layering requirements you have for your electronic files, as well as the ability to provide you with large scale paper maps as needed.


When you need land surveys, topographic surveys, construction stakeout, asbuilt surveys, digital mapping support, etc. and you need it done quickly and accurately, let us help you.  We are able to provide you with the support services you need.  We can work with you on preliminary and compilation plans when you are beginning your projects.

Construction Support Services:

You won the contract and now you need to get this project moving….we can help.  With our land survey technology including GPS, we can get to your site quickly, establish horizontal and vertical survey control and get you up and running in no time.

Construction Stakeout Services:

Preliminary tree clearing stakeouts, building stakeouts, drainage stakeouts, road stakeouts, parking lots, detention ponds, athletic fields such as baseball fields, soccer fields, lacrosse fields, artificial turf fields that require very accurate grading, etc. and more.

If you need it staked out and need it done right within your time frame, let us help you.